Specialty Decision Bot


an NLP dependant Clever Bot for Critical Decision Affirmation.


This project was for the spring semester of 2016 for the 4th year of Computer and Automation Engineering at Tishreen University


The project was concluded on September 12th 2016


The project is built as a C/C++ library, composed of a lexer, a tokenizer, a Context-Free-Grammar module, a Tree module, a Dictionary module, and a Parser.
The CFG and Dictionary modules feed both the Lexer/Tokenizer and the Parser.
The Lexer/Tokenizer produce all possible valuable tokenized permutations of an input.
The Parser is a semi-dynamic CKY algorithm simplified by us to affect a greedy bottom-up parsing then generate a fully parsed syntax tree.


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Aly Shmahell, Ruaa Sleiman